Rusty Martini


Although he has been funny all his life, Rusty Martini didn't try stand-up until 2003 when he was 57 years old. He was only going to try it once to see what it was like, but he got some big laughs that night, and he was hooked for life. Realizing that he was embarking upon a comedy career later in life, Rusty decided to take short cuts: he took stand-up classes from national headliner Dobie Maxwell; he received comedy coaching from Steve North, as well as Jim Richardson. It paid off because he moved ahead rather rapidly up the comedy ladder. He opened up for many notable comedians including Will Durst, Jackie Kashian, Dobie Maxwell, Mike Toomey, Bill Gorgo, Tim Walkoe, Jimmy McHugh, Ken Sevara, Rocky LaPorte, Chris Barnes, Vince Maranto, Paul Frisbee, Tom Clark, and Grandma Lee. Dave Schwensen, the former talent co-ordinator for " An Evening At The Improv" on A&E, told Rusty, " Your act is old school.. Nobody is doing that anymore... Which is great because you come off fresh and new!"

Rusty got his start as the class clown. He told jokes, people laughed, he loved it! But he does not just draw on raw talent, he has worked at his craft, honing skills and learning just how to get the most laughs per line. Here are some of the training sessions he has worked on over the years: