Rusty Martini

Rusty Martini: The Ex-cop Who Loves To Party

As an ex-cop, who started comedy a little later in life, Rusty Martini takes the stage like gangbusters. His arresting personality brings the seasoned voice of experience to the wacky world of stand-up comedy. Since 2003, Rusty has worked all across the country in colleges, comedy clubs, nightclubs, Elks clubs, Moose lodges, VFW posts, American Legion posts, bed and breakfasts, casinos, red neck bars, blue collar bars, white collar bars, biker bars, cocktail lounges, pool halls, billiard halls, bowling alleys, theaters, performing art centers, house parties, comedy conferences, benefits, charities, retirement parties, retirement homes, pizza parlors, cable tv shows, and various and sundry open mics.

Rusty has worked with many national headliners: Will Durst, Dobie Maxwell, Tom Clark, Mike Toomey, Rocky LaPorte, Pete Schwaba, Ken Sevara, Jackie Kashian, Vince Maranto, Mike Preston, Mike Marvell, L.A. Lycan, Bill Gorgo, Jimmy McHugh, Mike Ostrowski, Roger Radley, Tim Walkoe, Paul Frisbee, Chris Barnes, Bryan Cork, Johnny Beehner, Mark Schneider, Tony Miller, and many others.

Rusty is old school. How old? In high school, his homeroom teacher was Aristotle.

Actually, Rusty was born in 1946, and was among the first wave of the Baby Boomer Generation.

Realizing that the target demographic for comedy clubs is the 21-40 age group, Rusty is implementing Rusty Martini's Happy Hour, a stand-up comedy show that caters to the Baby Boomer Generation, but is still funny-friendly to the younger generations as well.